Yakov Flier:
"Vlassenko's genuine temperament and virtuosity are always directed towards the noble aim of penetrating into the core of music. A wonderful sense of form and style combined with profundity and sincerity are the principal features in the artistic personality of the pianist."

Heinrich Neuhaus:
"Vlassenko is a clever and talented musician which he displayed in his performance of Liszt Sonata that was exceptionally integral. One can seldom hear such an orchestral manner of playing combined with technical perfection."

Sviatoslav Richter:
Lev Vlassenko is a great artist. The listeners enjoyed his excellent performance of Liszt Sonata in B Minor, a piece that is extremely complicated because of its deep ideas and virtuosity."

Emil Gilels:
"One of the most thrilling moments of the competition was the Liszt Sonata in B Minor played by the Soviet pianist Lev Vlassenko. In the interpretation of this musical monument the performer displayed strict pianistic conception, wide breath, sincerity, deep penetration into music. The performing standard of the rest of the programme was high as well."

Excerpts from the foreign press:

Spain, "El país" newspaper, 26.8.1988
"The pianist's art is alive, deep, irresistably communicative. His virtuosity that brought world-wide fame at the competitions to which he is much indebted for his success, is always aimed to the highest ideas of music."

Greece, "Elefterotipia" newspaper, I-1988
"It is difficult to overestimate the talent of the pianist, the technical and musical perfection. His interpretation is full of energy, which once again proves that music maturity gives strength, which in its turn gives rise to fresh, young feelings."

Germany, May-June 1998
Titles of some reviews: "Inspiration of Highest Intensity", "Grand pianist from Moscow", "Genious Musician".

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