Ierzy Broszkiewicz * "Tribuna Lyudu" * Warsaw

Nahum Shtarkman succeds in reproducing the depth and splendour of Chopin music; he combines sincere lyricim, simplicity and elegance with impeccable masterly technique.
"Daily News" * Lisbon

Shtarkman is the real poet of the Piano. He is the artist whose reason and heart, technique and art do not outweight each other, but they are successfully combined in the perfect and calm unity.
H. Neuhaus * "Soviet Culture" * Moscow

Nahum Shtarkman is notable for expressiveness of performance, rich and mellow sounding of the piano... Wonderful hands, technical liberty of performance.
Emil Gilels * "Soviet Music" No 6 * 1958

Nahum Shtarkman has proved himself as a mature master. His well though-out playing is distinguished by artistic completeness.
V. Pavlov * "Prizyv" * Vladimir

His performance is simple, natural, deep and intelligible to everyone. His lyricism is cordial and melodious.
V. Delson * "Music Life" No 24 * December 1966

Shtarkman's performing intentions are thought-out, vivid both in artistic and masterly aspects. The pianist's manner of playing, which is always concentrated and exact in the sound aspect and in the observation of phrasing, is the natural consequence from his inclination to the perfectness of the form - it is some kind of modelling of the whole and the parts. Thoughtfullness, emotional sincerity, great inner vigour - all these features distinguish the artistic appearance of the musician.
S. Khentova * "Smena" * Leningrad (now St. Petersburg)

Shtarkman's playing is heartfelt, poetic and fascinating because of its lively musical speech and the welth of colours. The pianist even interprets Rachmaninoff's Concerto unusually lyrically, modestly, simply, as delicate as a water-colour.
G. Zherebker * "Kirghizia"

One must be really very strict and exacting artist, have firm labour discipline to keep during the years of hard concert work, the freshness and spontaneity of feelings, everlasting masterly skill, which Nahum Shtarkman shows nowdays.
"Soviet Music"

It seems to me, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Nahum Shtarkman proved himself as a real 'King of Waltz' that night. Shtarkman is the master of 'light breathing' which is especially difficult in Chopin's music. He has the tender, pastel timbre of the Igumnov's school which can so good reproduce 'nostalgic' in Chopin's music - the phenomenon which Neuhaus explained by the use of an untranslatable polish word 'Zal'.
S. Grinstein * "Znamya Yunosti" * Minsk

His romantic gift is devoted of proud individualistic reserve, democracy is the distinctive feature of his playing. Taking the liberty to quote the well-known Tchaikovsky's words, I can say that he 'speaks with the broad circle of people similar to him by playing the piano'.

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