Live at St. Catherine Cathedral
Recorded: 1991,  2000 Alexander Perovsky

1. P.Chesnokov. Bless the Lord, O My Soul  
2. A.Arkhangelsky. Forsake Me Not, O Lord  
3. K.Shvedov. Have Mercy Upon Us, O God  
4. A.Grechaninov. Cherubic Hymn  
5. Znamenny Chant of 15th century  
6. A.Perovsky. Thy Chamber I see, O God  
7. A.Kastalsky. Gloria  
8. "Divine Mother of God". Chant of the Optina Hermitary  
9. S.Rachmaninoff. Spiritual Concert  
10. S.Rachmaninoff. To Thee We Sing, O Lord  
11. N.Kedrov. The Lord's Prayer  
12. The Many Years. An old chant.  
13. German folk song