The Lord Is My Light
Recorded: 1990,  1990 Blagovest

1. A.Kastalsky. Christ Is Risen  
2. A.Kastalsky. Verses before the Six Psalms  
3. Vic.Kalinnikov. Five Hymns from the All-Night Vigil  
 O Gladsome Light
 Lord, Now Lettest Thou
 Rejoice, O Virgin
 Praise the Name of the Lord
 From My Youth
4. M.Ippolitov-Ivanov. Behold Now, Bless the Lord  
5. A.Nikolsky. The Lord Is My Light  
6. A.Nikolsky. From My Youth  
7. A.Chesnokov. Do Not Lament Me, O Mother  
8. P.Chesnokov. The Wise Thief  
9. D.Bortnyansky. Let My Prayer Arise (Trio No. 3)  
10. D.Bortnyansky. Sacred Concerto - Let God Arise  
11. M.P.Mussorgsky. The Angel Cried Out  
12. A.Grechaninov. Cherubic Hymn  
 (from Liturgy, op. 29)
13. A.Arkhangelsky. Lord, Hear My Prayer  
14. P.Chesnokov. O God, Save Thy People