Russian Sacred Music
Recorded: 1996,  1996 Blagovest

1. Pavel Chesnokov. Cherubical Hymn  
 (Sofronian Chant)
2. Pavel Chesnokov. A Mercy Of Peace  
3. Pavel Chesnokov. In You Rejoice  
4. Pavel Chesnokov. Tree Assembly Of The Angels  
5. Alexander Kastalsky. Holy God  
6. Alexander Kastalsky. Baptize Everybody  
7. Alexander Kastalsky. Cherubical Hymn  
8. Alexander Kastalsky. To Thee We Sing  
9. Alexander Kastalsky. The Great Doxology  
10. Alexander Kastalsky. Now Lettest Thou  
 solo Victor Zoikin, tenor
11. Alexander Kastalsky. Now Lettest Thou  
 solo Sergei Arkhangelsky, bass
12. Anon. By The Rivers Of Babylon  
 solo Sergei Arkhangelsky, bass
13. Alexander Chesnokov. Let's Silent About Thee